I studied at LICEO CLASSICO QUINTO ENNIO (Taranto, Italy).

After receiving a MA in Communication Studies from the UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI TORINO (Torino, Italy), I studied Italian Philology at UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI ALDO MORO (Bari, Italy). I received a Master of Advanced Studies in General Linguistics from the UNIVERSIDADE DA CORUÑA (A Coruña, Spain).

I completed my PhD in Sociolinguistics at UNIVERSITÉ DE FRIBOURG (Fribourg, Switzerland) under the direction of professor Alexandre Duchêne; the main readers were professor Luisa Martín Rojo and professor Ruth Wodak.

I followed training courses for teaching Spanish as foreign language (Instituto Cervantes, A Coruña, Spain) and for teaching Italian as foreign language (Scuola d'Italiano Roma, Rome, Italy). I also followed courses of Critical Discourse Analysis held by professor Teun van Dijk at UNIVERSITAT POMPEU FABRA (Barcelone, Spain).

I have taken part in the research project CEI-Comunicación en Empresas e Instituciones (2007-2010, financed by the European Regional Development Funds and the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation), as well as in the research group GDS-Grupo Discurso e Sociedade, coordinated by professor Celso Álvarez Cáccamo.

I have taught Italian at Centro de Linguas UNIVERSIDADE DA CORUÑA, after teaching Italian at some multinational companies for Corporate Language Training (A Coruña, Spain) or as a volunteer for Caritas (Rome, Italy). I also taught Spanish at InLingua school of languages.

At UNIVERSIDADE DA CORUÑA I gave lectures at undergraduate and postgraduate level in General Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Applied Linguistics (Facultade de Filoloxía; Facultade de Ciencias da Educación).

I studied Latin and Greek and speak at different levels Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Tarantinian, Catalan, Galician. I put in practice my theoretical and personal linguistic expertise working as translator, teacher or linguistic consultant for some companies (Carraig, Corporate Language Training, Inter Top Center) as well as giving workshops on language, intercultural communication (Deputación Provincial da Coruña) or translation issues (CILSGA).


I courrently work as as lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education and as research assistant at Fribourg Institute of Multilingualism.

I am a member of Société Suisse de LingusitiqueAssociation Suisse de Linguistique AppliquéRéseau Francophone de SociolinguistiqueAsociación de Estudios sobre Discurso y Sociedad.

Apart from academic publications, I love literature, and have a passion for visual arts: actually I paint, design logos and illustrate posters, book covers, etc.

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