Labelling to my personal and academic interests -which are inseparably joint- or outlining some limits to them is very hard task. Roughly my research interests and the resulting publications could belong but are not limited to the areas cited below:


  • (Critical) Sociolinguistics
  • (Critical) Discourse Studies
  • Language Politics - Language Policies
  • Glottopolitics - Language Ideologies
  • Political Communication - Political Language
  • (Visual) Semiology - Semiotic Landscape
  • Advertising Analysis
  • Mediated Public Discourse Analysis
  • Grass Roots Groups Discourse Analysis
  • Applied Linguistics for foreign language teaching/learning


These fields and subfields can seem separated, but what make them coherent to me is the historic-critical perspective from which I try to understand semiotic (hence also linguistic) phenomena in society. My methodological approach to phenomena is eclectic and so multi/inter/transdisciplinar that could seem "undisciplinated". I often find myself at the edge of one or more disciplines, but due to the complexity of phenomena I study it seems to me very difficult to stay in just one field.

Due to my critical approach, I consider Power, Inequality, and Ideology as key issues of my research: I am interested in analyzing how groups build and spread representations of Self and Other(s), how they build and convey ideologies, how powerful speakers manipulate signs and discourse, how alternative groups discursively challenge power, how works the semiotic struggle for the symbolical hegemony, how people strategically use signs and language(s) for creating/changing the world they live in, how people do things with words, etc.

In my PhD thesis "The discursive construction of presidentiability in televised presidential debates", I have analized the Spanish political field, and how the two main candidates at the 2008 general election discursively manage the construction-destruction of presidentiability (the ability of being president) on the stage of the two televised debates that took place during the electoral campaign.


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